Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) have grown in popularity as a way to manage energy production and consumption. These systems have become a vital tool for integrating renewable energy sources into the power grid. As the need for these units has grown, manufacturers have moved from traditional buildings to accommodate these systems to containerized units. 

Armoda supports the renewable energy industry by providing cost-effective BESS containers for projects around the world. In this article, we will break down the ways BESS containers are utilized and the advantages that come with using containerized units. 

Applications of Battery Energy Storage Systems

BESS containers provide a versatile and scalable solution for energy storage and power management, load management, backup power, and improved power quality.

Energy Storage for Renewable Energy Sources

One of the primary benefits of BESS is that they provide a way to store excess energy generated by renewable sources like solar and wind power. This benefit is especially useful because renewable energy sources can be intermittent, meaning their output may not always match the energy demand. By storing the excess energy produced during peak periods, BESS modules can help ensure that the energy is available when needed, even if the renewable source isn't generating at that time.

Load Management

BESS can be used to manage energy demand by storing energy during off-peak periods and releasing it during peak periods. Storage can help reduce demand on the grid during peak periods, which can help prevent blackouts and reduce the need for additional power generation infrastructure. By managing energy demand, BESS can also help reduce energy costs and improve grid stability.

Backup Power

BESS can provide backup power during a grid outage or other power interruption. This benefits critical infrastructure like hospitals, data centers, and emergency services. In these situations, BESS can provide power for essential services until the grid is restored.

Improved Power Quality

BESS can improve power quality by providing reactive power support and voltage regulation. Reactive power is necessary to maintain voltage levels in the grid and prevent power outages. BESS can also help regulate voltage levels by absorbing excess energy during periods of high voltage and releasing it during periods of low voltage.

Advantages of Container-Built BESS

BESS containers, also called "modules," have become an increasingly popular construction method. They offer a few advantages over the traditional or stick-built buildings constructed using conventional means, similar to how a typical house is built. This method means the building is constructed on location and incorporates all the costs of getting material and labor on site. Container units, as the name suggests, utilize modular container designs and are built at a manufacturing facility and then transported to the location for installation. It's these design and construction methods that give the container build its advantages over stick-built buildings:


Construction of BESS containers begins with an empty, open unit, and manufacturers like Armoda work closely with the customer to design and customize the layout. Customization allows the customer to select the number of energy storage battery packs, metering/control systems, HVAC requirements, DC panels, grid connection, etc. Containers can also be built to meet safety standards allowing them to be placed in locations that require safety ratings in division, zone, fire ratings, etc.


Once the design of a container has been approved and installed on site, it is easily scalable to adapt to the project's needs. For example, as more wind turbines are brought online, more containers can be added to account for the additional power generated.


BESS containers can be stacked on top of one another, making them ideal for projects where space is limited.

Cost Effective

Container units offer a cost-effective way of manufacturing BESS units. This cost-savings is accomplished through reduced labor costs, material costs, and construction timelines because the construction of the containers takes place at the manufacturer's facility.

Battery Energy Storage Systems provide a versatile and scalable solution for energy storage and power management, load management, backup power, and improved power quality. Utilizing container units provides a more versatile, cost-effective way to support the growth of renewable energies. Armoda works closely with our customers to offer completely custom BESS containers that meet the demands of their projects. Contact us today if you need a unit for your project.