Engineering-Only POs provide a solid foundation for successfully adding accommodation modules, technical buildings, and modular buildings to offshore and onshore facilities. With the continued scope and scale of facilities growing, so has the complexity of adding buildings and modules. To help account for these increased complexities, Armoda provides Engineering-Only Purchase Orders. This article covers what Engineering-Only POs are and the benefits they provide.

What is an Engineering-Only PO?

Engineering-Only POs are a collaborative effort between Armoda and the end-user to define a given project's engineering design specifications and responsibilities. These are provided in the form of a package that typically will include:

  • Structural Engineering Package
  • Electrical Package
  • Plumbing, if required
  • HVAC capacities calculations
  • Architectural drawings

As the name suggests, these POs do not include the manufacturing of any modules or buildings; they just detail the specific engineering details that are necessary for the construction of the unit or units.

Benefits of Engineering-Only POs

There are a few different benefits that Engineering-Only POs provide that make them a cost-effective option.

1. Advanced Development of the Scope of Work

One of the main benefits of Engineering-Only POs is that they allow the entire scope of work to be developed in advance. By doing so, the overall accuracy of the project is improved by providing:

2. Clear specifications:

The engineering package provides clear and detailed specifications for the units to be provided. Defining these specifications allows for the exact needs of the module or building to be agreed upon well before manufacturing. For accommodation units, this will include items like the number of beds and bathrooms required, as well as if galley, diner, and recreational units are also needed. In technical buildings, the electrical panels, layouts of equipment, cable schedules, fire and gas detection, etc., are determined. The end user can incorporate this information into their project's plan and budget earlier in the process, thus giving a more accurate account of the project's scope.

3. Consistent Standards:

In the package, the specific engineering standards and specifications for each of the units will be provided. This ensures that all units meet the project's needs and can be reviewed and approved before any work occurs. This approval reduces the risk of errors or inconsistencies that can arise when trying to incorporate these types of units at the last minute.

4. Reduced Subjectivity:

Engineering packages help eliminate subjectivity by relying on agreed-upon engineering specifications. This can help reduce the risk of errors arising from normal communications. In addition, the ability to reference an already agreed-upon set of requirements helps keep everyone working on the same page.

5. Improved Communication:

These packages enable a closer collaboration between the manufacturer and the end client. Collaboration helps improve communication and ensures that all parties are on the same page regarding what is needed for the project and what will be manufactured.

6. Pre-Defined Scope of Work:

The engineering package provides all the necessary documentation (Structural, Architectural, Electrical, Plumbing, etc.) in a defined and agreed-upon scope of work. Having the documentation allows the manufacturer to immediately begin the manufacturing process when the customer decides to move forward with the project. This reduces the construction timeline and gets the units on-site quicker and more efficiently.

7. Reduction of Change Orders:

Working through the engineering package well before the units are needed reduces the need for change orders. As a result, more time is available for the manufacturer and customer to evaluate the project's needs. During the design and engineering process, changes and tweaks can be made to the package without the additional costs associated with making changes to units that have already begun to be manufactured.

Learn More About Engineering-Only POs

Engineering-Only POs allow the engineering to be completed in advance with minimal investment to complete design. Fabrication of the package can commence at any point when notice to proceed is provided. This process allows accommodation modules, technical buildings, and modular buildings to be turned around in a short timeline. If you're interested in learning more about Engineering-Only POs, contact Armoda today.