Armoda’s range of 20ft portable accommodation modules (PAM) offers a flexible and convenient small-footprint solution for a wide range of needs. Whether for offshore workspaces, temporary housing, remote work sites, or disaster recovery, the 20ft portable accommodation modules support diverse industries. In this article, we will cover what a portable accommodation module is, how they are used to support different industries, and the critical features of the 20ft module that make it so useful to so many.

Portable Accommodation Modules (PAMs)

Portable accommodation modules provide additional living/office space to offshore vessels, rig facilities and onshore sites that require more crew members to be accommodated. These modules are most often utilized in remote location work and, because of this, are designed and manufactured specifically to handle harsh environments. They are also constructed with mobility in mind. If a module can’t make it to location quickly and efficiently, then it isn’t useful.

Features of Armoda’s 20ft Portable Accommodation Modules

Armoda designs and manufactures our 20ft portable accommodation modules in-house. Each module is designed to provide a small-footprint solution with longevity and low maintenance service in the most demanding locations. This flexibility allows us to deliver modules that offer a unique set of features.

Customizations of 20ft Portable Accommodation Modules

The standard configuration of the 20ft module is set up with bunk beds that sleep four, desk space for two, and a wet unit. The wet unit includes a shower, toilet, and sink. Every module is equipped with a 100% redundancy (1 Duty/1 Standby) 4 Ton HVAC. From this point, Armoda can customize the module to meet the project's needs.

Sleeper Module:
The module can be outfitted to sleep up to six and as few as one. As the number of beds in the modules changes, so does the available space for additional desks.

If the project's goal is not to add sleeping quarters but instead to add office space, all the bunks can be replaced with desk space for up to 4 people.

Rec Room:
To add space for recreation, the customer can make specific custom requests to their module. Requests can include things like tables and chairs, couches, and even a recliner with a TV. The module can be outfitted to meet personnel's individual preferences.

Armoda's 20ft Portable Accommodation Modules are Globally Compliant

The 20ft portable accommodation module, like all Armoda’s portable accommodation modules, is globally compliant. Using IMO Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) as the primary guideline, each module is manufactured to the highest standards meeting CSC, ABS PAM, USCG, DNV 2 .7-1, EN12079, MLC, and is CE Marked. The standard module meets A60 FTP SOLAS fire ratings and, if required, can be modified to H60, H120, and others.

The 20ft portable accommodation modules are based on standard ISO 20ft dimensions of 20’ long x 8’ wide x 9’ 6” high for offshore containers. The modules are also certified to meet DNV 2.7-1, ensuring they meet offshore work transportation and lifting requirements. Manufacturing the module to this standard allows it to be easily transported within the offshore markets as they are already set up to handle these sized units. For onshore projects, these modules have forklift pockets for loading, unloading, and placement with a forklift.

Industries Supported by 20ft Portable Accommodation Modules

Versatile in application, 20ft portable accommodation modules are an effective solution for expanding accommodation capabilities within a wide range of industries. Their small dimensions and ease of transportation have made them a valuable tool for both onshore and offshore remote work sites.

Portable accommodation modules are used throughout offshore industries. In the oil and gas industry, they have been utilized on every type of offshore drill facility, from tension leg platforms (TLP) and SPARs to Semi-Submersible Platforms (SSP) and Drill Ships. In the offshore wind industry, they are used on support and operational vessels that install and maintain wind farms. This includes feeder support vessels, service operation vessels, wind turbine installation vessels, and field development vessels. In addition to these specific industries, the 20ft module also supports the general maritime industry by providing additional accommodations for vessels that need it. 

Onshore, the 20ft modules offer a unique solution for adding accommodations. Their small dimensions and ability to be stacked enable them to provide accommodations in a small footprint for remote locations. This versatility makes them popular with onshore oil and gas exploration and drilling. It also makes them ideal for disaster recovery projects. The module is easily transportable and requires a smaller footprint than a temporary trailer.

Armoda’s 20ft portable accommodation modules provide a customizable, easily transportable solution for adding accommodations to onshore and offshore locations. If you need to add additional accommodation to your project, contact Armoda today