Portable accommodation modules are used across the offshore oil and gas industry to bring additional accommodations and office space to facilities and vessels. As the need for larger packages has grown, so too has the need for optimizing the process of adding the modules to the facility or vessel. One solution that has grown in popularity over the recent years to address this need is single lift structures.

Armoda has incorporated single lift structure module packages into its lineup of offshore module offerings to provide our customers with a cost-effective way to add multiple modules to an offshore installation. In this article, we will explore exactly what a single lift structure is and the advantages they provide.

What are single lift modular packages?

Single lift modular packages are prefabricated, self-contained structures that can be easily lifted and installed onto offshore vessels or facilities using a single crane lift. They are designed to simplify the installation process and minimize the time and cost associated with offshore installation.

They typically consist of a steel frame and a pre-engineered module or group of connected modules constructed off-site and transported to the offshore location. The modules can include a wide range of equipment and systems, such as living quarters, control rooms, laboratories, workshops, etc. An example of a typical single lift modular package would be compromised of five of our Flex 42 Accommodation modules:

  • 2 Accommodation Modules
  • 1 Galley
  • 1 Diner
  • 1 Office

These modules are placed on the steel frame, where they are secured and connected at our facility. Then, they are transported as a single unit to the offshore facility, where they can be lifted as a single unit onto the platform and placed for installation.

What are the advantages of single lift modular packages?

Single lift modular packages provide several advantages, making them versatile solutions for various offshore projects, like oil and gas exploration and production, or renewable energy projects, like offshore wind farms. These include reduced installation time, reduced costs, and improved safety.

Reduced Installation Time

Single lift modular packages are prefabricated at the Armoda manufacturing facility. Next, all the individual modules are connected to a steel frame and to power and utility lines. Then, pipes are run. Much of the installation work is completed before the module arrives at the offshore location. This prep work greatly reduces the amount of time needed on-site to complete the installation and get the unit in service.

Improved Safety

Offshore construction and maintenance work can be dangerous, so reducing workers’ time on site can significantly improve safety. With single lift module packages, most of the work takes place at the manufacturing facility, which is a much more controlled environment than the typical offshore location. As a result, safety is substantially increased by completing as much work as possible before getting to the final location. This also reduces the need for welding and other hot work on-site, reducing the risk of accidents.

Improved Quality Control

Because single lift modular packages are built in a controlled environment at the Armoda manufacturing facility, they can be subject to more stringent quality control measures than traditional on-site construction. This can result in a higher quality unit that requires less maintenance over its lifetime, leading to further cost savings for operators.

Cost Savings

Single-lift modular packages can greatly reduce the costs associated with offshore construction and maintenance projects. These cost savings can be found in a few areas. The reduced installation time gets the project up and running quicker, which allows the operator to begin producing. Because much of the connection work is completed at the facility, the high cost of sending installation technicians offshore is reduced. What would take multiple days to complete can be reduced to a day or two. The reduction in the hours spent by installation technicians offshore also decreases the chances of a costly accident.

Armoda and Single Point Lift Packages

Armoda’s single-point lift packages provide operators looking for multiple modules with a cost-effective solution for their offshore facilities and vessels. They provide a quicker installation, improved safety, and improved quality in a cost-effective package. If you need multiple portable accommodation modules for your project, contact us today! Our team of engineers has the equipment and experience to help get your next project up and running.