Adding living quarters to an offshore facility can be complicated and time-consuming. Different aspects must be considered, such as the number of beds needed, available space, auxiliary support equipment, etc. To address the complexity and simplify adding offshore living quarters, Armoda offers turnkey solutions to our customers. These solutions provide a one-stop package for the project covering the initial concept, the construction of the quarters, and the installation onboard the facility. This article details what a typical turnkey solution will entail when adding living quarters to an offshore vessel or facility, as well as the benefits it provides versus distributing the various aspects of the project to different vendors.

What is a turnkey solution?

A turnkey solution, as mentioned above, is a comprehensive solution that combines the various aspects of a project under one manufacturer or supplier. They are ideal for projects traditionally handled by multiple vendors, like adding offshore living quarters to a vessel or facility. For a project like this, there would typically be different vendors the facility would need to work with to see the project through. These include an engineering firm, the living-quarters' manufacturer, a logistics coordinator, and installation technicians, etc. By going with one supplier, the time and effort of managing the vast majority of the project is offloaded, providing a few benefits we will address later in this article.

Steps for adding a turnkey solution for living quarters?

While there can be variations on what is included in a turnkey solution, there is an overall typical set of services that a manufacturer, like Armoda, would supply. This consists of a site survey, engineering, fabrication, fit-out, installation and final commissioning of the living quarters.

1. Site Survey

During a site survey, Armoda sends a technician to the offshore facility to review the facility and the available space for the living quarters. They will identify the scope of work required to provide the necessary living quarters. They will then use this review and scope of work to put together a survey report that provides a detailed estimate of the labor required, a bill of materials, lifting plans and recommendations for the arrangement and placement of auxiliary equipment. Site surveys can protect offshore projects against costly complications.

2. Engineering

When adding living quarters to any offshore facility, a lot of engineering work must be completed. This engineering ensures the quarters meet the regulatory and structural requirements to be safely installed. Armoda has a team of engineers who provide a comprehensive engineering package for the living quarters, based on the site survey, regulatory requirements and specifications from the customer. This package includes structural engineering, electrical, plumbing, HVAC capacities, and architectural drawings. One benefit of working with Armoda is using their optional engineering-only POs for the front-end development of offshore projects. 

3. Fabrication and Fit Out

The fabrication and fit-out are typically associated with manufacturers of living quarters like Armoda. The type of living quarters manufactured is project-specific and can include units like portable accommodation modules, office workshop modules and single-point lift structures. Fabrication begins once the engineering package has been approved. The living quarters are fabricated and outfitted with that package's designated equipment and features. For example, an office area will be constructed to accommodate a set number of people, providing desk space, electrical hookups, etc. The fabrication includes fitting out of specialized equipment and customer-provided equipment, ensuring the quarters meet the customer’s unique requirements.

4. Installation and Commissioning

The final piece of the turnkey solution is installing and commissioning the living quarters on location. After working with the customer and logistics for the various options to transport the living quarters, Armoda technicians are dispatched to install the living quarters on site. They also commission the living quarters to ensure all parts operate correctly and meet the facility's requirements.

Benefits of a Turnkey Solution for Living Quarters

Turnkey solutions for living quarters offer several benefits when compared to piecemealing a project out to various vendors:

  • Time and Cost Efficiency: Turnkey solutions are designed to be installed quickly and easily, reducing the overall project timeline. A quicker installation can result in significant cost savings compared to traditional construction methods, where on-site work and custom fabrication can lead to prolonged timelines and increased expenses.
  • Quality and Standardization: Turnkey solutions are constructed in a controlled environment at Armoda’s manufacturing facility, ensuring high-quality materials and workmanship. We adhere to strict industry standards, certifications, and safety regulations, providing a reliable and consistent product.
  • Flexibility and Customization: Turnkey solutions are engineered to the customer’s requirements. By providing a wide range of layout options, room configurations, and amenities, the customer can personalize the living quarters to meet their exact needs.
  • Enhanced Safety: Safety is a paramount concern in offshore projects. Turnkey living quarters are designed with safety in mind. Incorporating features like fire-resistant materials, emergency escape routes, and compliance with offshore regulations ensures the well-being of occupants.
  • Streamlined Project Management: With a turnkey solution, project managers can minimize the number of vendors and contractors involved in the living quarters' construction and installation. This simplifies project management and reduces potential coordination issues.
  • Minimal On-Site Disruption: Since most construction is completed off-site, there are minimal on-site disruptions. Fewer distractions are especially advantageous for ongoing operations in offshore environments where disturbances can impact productivity.
  • Faster Occupancy: Turnkey solutions allow for rapid occupancy and deployment of personnel to the offshore site. This quick turnaround is crucial for projects with tight schedules or those requiring immediate accommodation solutions.

Turnkey living quarters solutions provide a one-stop option for adding accommodations, officing, workshops, and more to offshore facilities. Armoda has the manufacturing and project management experience to offer turnkey living quarter solutions to make your next project a smooth and streamlined experience. Contact us today if you need living quarters for your offshore facility today.