What is a PAM, or Portable Accommodation Module? 

Portable accommodation modules, also known as PAMs, are used throughout the offshore oil and gas industry. They provide additional living/officing space to vessels and facilities that require more crew members than can be accommodated by the permanent quarters. When most people think of portable accommodation modules, they think of two types: Sleeping modules and office modules. However, most people are unaware that PAMs come in a wide variety of types to fit the needs of the many projects they are deployed to support.

Armoda has provided portable accommodation modules (PAM) for offshore oil and gas projects worldwide. This article will break down the different types of PAMs and give you a better understanding of how they can help support your next project.

Types of PAMs, or Portable Accommodation Modules: 

Portable Accommodation Module: Sleeper PAM

Sleeper modules are the most common type of PAM in use today. They can come in various sizes, from 20 ft on the small end to 42 ft in length on the large end. Standard units can be equipped with 12, 8, or 4 beds. From there, the beds can be removed to allow for more space or meet the project's exact needs. Along with the beds, the sleeper modules will also contain wet units. These units provide a shower, toilet, and sink. Depending on the size of the module, there can be anywhere from one wet unit up to three units in larger modules. There are a lot of features to look for in sleeper modules.

Portable Accommodation Module: Galley PAM

A galley PAM provides a commercial kitchen to feed the additional personnel that the sleeper modules add to a project. They come with stainless steel appliances for easier cleaning and maintenance, as well as commercial-grade equipment. From refrigerators to freezers to ovens to stovetops, galley modules provide all the necessary tools and equipment to feed large numbers of personnel.

Portable Accommodation Module: Diner PAM

Diner modules are outfitted to provide seating and tables for eating. A Diner PAM is usually designed to be linked internally with the galley module so that personnel do not have to go outside to get to the eating space. This protects the personnel and their food from the outside elements, which can be extreme when working offshore.

Portable Accommodation Module: Rec Room PAM

Rec room modules can be configured differently depending on the user's request and their requirements, but they typically provide a space for personnel to relax and hang out together. A Rec Room PAM is generally set up with a couch and TV, as well as a table and chairs, or it can be provided as a gym. The Rec Room Modules converted into a gym provide space for workout equipment such as treadmills, stationary bikes, and weights.

Portable Accommodation Module: Laundry PAM

Laundry modules add space and equipment for washing clothing. They come in multiple sizes depending on the needs of the project. For example, two washers and dryers are typically housed in a smaller Laundry PAM, while up to six of each with space for folding are found in larger modules.

Portable Accommodation Module: Office PAM

Office modules, sometimes referred to as engineering cabins, are designed to provide additional workspace. They are built to meet higher safety standards, such as Class I/Div I, Class I/Div II, Zone 1, and Zone 2, so they can operate in hazardous environments found in offshore oil and gas. Depending on the project needs, these modules are used for mudlogging, laboratories, equipment, and control rooms, ROV, and many others. We've written previously about hazardous environment certifications for offshore modules

Portable Accommodation Module: Workshop PAM

Workshop modules provide working space and storage for oil and gas machinery, tools, and equipment. A typical Workshop PAM will include a workbench with an integrated vice grip, as well as storage racks and tool hangers to keep the shop organized.

Portable Accommodation Module: Custom PAM

In addition to the standard modules listed above, which are typically leased or rented for limited durations, custom modules for permanent installation can also be provided. These Custom PAMs still must meet the stringent regulations and certifications required, but they can be provided in a custom design that fits the space and functionality of the platform or vessel that it will be installed on.

In this article, we have gone over the wide variety of portable accommodation module types utilized in the offshore oil and gas industry. From the more well-known sleeper and office modules to the lesser-known laundry modules, each addresses a specific need that comes from adding temporary living and working quarters to an offshore facility or vessel. If you need portable accommodation modules for your next project, contact Armoda today. With an extensive fleet of rental modules, Armoda has the equipment to ensure your next project is a success.