Offshore buildings are one of the best advantages of the modern oil and gas industry: you are able to access the huge reserves of fossil fuels locked in the earth deep beneath the ocean's tides. But, offshore buildings also come with a plethora of issues that businesses have to address in order to maintain safety and environmental standards and still turn a profit. 

Since offshore buildings are constantly exposed to sun, wind, rain, and saltwater, planned obsolescence and regular maintenance are facts of life for managing offshore buildings. When you purchase modular units for offshore buildings from a business that also offers refurbishing, customization, and maintenance services, you save time and money. One-stop shopping for your modular buildings provides a better understanding of maintenance schedules, a better plan for the modules you need, and a streamlined schedule. 

Customization to Plan

The right services and modular provider will be able to customize your modular buildings to your project's unique needs. Rather than paying premiums for purchasing, for design, and for customization of your modular units, a turnkey service provider will be able to provide offshore buildings, design the customizations you need, perform the customizations and ensure timely delivery to your offshore location. 

Maintenance Schedule Tracking

When does your modular laundry unit need to have seals checked and replaced? How often do HVAC units need to have fluids topped off? When you are piece-mealing together a project build, issues like this tend to be overlooked. Custom modular offshore buildings have their own unique maintenance needs that may be different from a modular building placed at a construction site in the mountains. Exposure, ease of access, and the complete reliance of laborers who are living in a remote location surrounded by nothing but the elements all change the maintenance schedules of offshore builds. 

Rather than facing the heightened needs of your offshore buildings' maintenance schedules with a system designed for an entirely different environment or even no schedule at all, a turnkey service provider will give you the schedule needed in order to have the most accurate and timely maintenance schedule. 

Planned Obsolescence 

Similar to maintenance schedules, planned obsolescence helps you budget major refurbishments and construction projects according to the needs of your existing infrastructure. A turnkey service provider will help you understand when your current build will need to be pulled for refurbishment. Rather than facing an emergency shutdown of a platform because of infrastructure problems, you can pull modular buildings back to port for service on a schedule. Replacing them with already refurbished or new modular units allow you to reduce downtime on offshore platforms without increased risks to workers or the environment. 

Save Money on Refurbishments

When it comes to refurbishing a modular unit for continued use offshore, the longer it takes to refurbish the unit the more it costs. The right service provider will be specialized in the types of units you have because they sold them to you. Turnkey providers will, therefore, be able to quickly assess the needs for the refurbishments and perform them in a standardized manner. 

Auxiliary Maintenance

A turnkey building provider will be able to maintain the auxiliary systems they installed on your project. Again, the specialized nature of modular offshore projects creates unique needs. Purchasing your auxiliary systems from a construction project provider who specializes in the sand, dirt, and grit of an interstate construction project means that you will have no plan for accurate auxiliary maintenance. 

When you purchase auxiliary units from someone who does not specialize in a complete offshore service, you also run a risk of higher costs when maintaining those units. If it has been some time since you have done your own maintenance projects, think of the last time you tried to do some work in your house and you did not have the right tool for the job. It could be hex-head when you need a Phillips, metric nuts when you have a standard wrench set, whatever the situation, if you find yourself without the right tools or parts during maintenance it adds time and money. Now, imagine that you saved significant amounts of money installing custom bathrooms in your modular units. But, they are impossible to maintain because the seals are different, plumbing tools are different, and so on. 

A simple maintenance job like replacing a worn seal can make you replace the entire project if you cannot find a service provider who has the right tools and supplies to do the maintenance on site. When you purchase modular units from a business that customizes and maintains them, you are more likely to be able to perform minor maintenance on site. 

Complete Systems

A turnkey modular offshore building provider will give you the complete system for managing your project. This saves time in the preparation and production of your offshore platforms. It also saves money as the creative costs for architecture and project planning are standardized and spread throughout the project. The more providers you have in an offshore project, the more time and money you will spend making all the disparate parts work together. 

Environmental Understanding

We have already discussed how the environment of an offshore facility creates unique problems, but it bears its own point. The oceans are the source of life on earth, but they are also the most caustic environment on the planet. A provider who understands both the offshore platform's impact on the environment and the environment's impact on the offshore platform will be able to help you make the right decisions to protect both your capital and the world around. 

Location, Location, Location

Finally, when you are selecting a turnkey provider, you need to consider location, location, location. If your offshore facility is in the gulf coast of the United States, a Persian Gulf modular provider will increase costs because you have to ship modular units nearly half-way around the world for refurbishment and extensive maintenance plans. 

The right provider will have yards near your platforms, will be specialized in producing modular units according to the rules and regulations of the local authorities in whose economic zone your building is, and will be able to provide facilities management solutions for your location. If you are building or renovating an offshore platform in the US Gulf Coast area, please contact us for more information on our facilities management, and turnkey modular units.