When operating portable accommodation modules (PAMs) and office/workshop modules in remote areas, it is important to take precautionary steps to ensure that issues can be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Having a complete supply of spare parts on hand at the location can mean the difference between the HVAC being down for an hour and the HVAC being down for multiple days while parts are shipped in. 

Armoda provides portable accommodation modules and office/workshop modules to locations around the globe. In our time working with customers over the years, we have compiled a list of spare parts often overlooked when maintenance teams put together their project stockpiles. In this article, we will briefly cover the different categories of spare parts and then highlight five specific spare parts that are often overlooked.

Categories of Spare Parts

Spare parts play a vital role in the maintenance and reliability of equipment, ensuring that replacements are readily available in case of breakdowns or wear and tear. They are critical for minimizing downtime and maintaining operational efficiency, particularly in industries where equipment is essential to daily operations. With PAMs, parts for modules are divided into two different categories:

Operational Spare Parts

Operational spare parts are necessary for the module’s operation and do not fall within the scope of parts required for planned maintenance. If an operational spare part were to fail, it would not cause an immediate safety, environmental, or financial impact on the project’s operation.

Critical Spare Parts

Critical spare parts are parts that are necessary to ensure the operational safety of the module and the profitability of the project. Failure of critical spare parts can lead to modules not being fit for the crew members to utilize, leading to additional expenses incurred until the part can be replaced. 

For a deeper dive into operational and critical spare parts, read our article Operational and Critical Spare Parts for Remote Offshore Modules.

Why keep spare parts on hand for a PAM?

Keeping a well-stocked and meticulously selected supply of spare parts is invaluable when working in remote locations. There is no hardware supply store down the street to run to when parts go out. In offshore locations, if a part isn’t on hand, it can take days to get it because supply runs are typically on a schedule and do not arrive daily. Having parts on hand means an issue can get fixed within minutes or hours, not days to weeks. The following are five spare parts that are sometimes overlooked: 

1. Door Gaskets
Type: Operational Spare

Door gaskets are found on all the exterior doors of portable accommodation modules and office/workshop modules. They can also be found on interior doors for modules like our zone-rated office and workshop modules that are pressurized to meet regulatory requirements. Door gaskets are considered a high-wear part as they are constantly in use when the doors within the module are used. Each door opening and closing slowly adds to the wear of the gasket, as well as the wear produced from operating in a marine environment in various climates. 

2. Door Handles
Type: Operational Spare

Door handles are another part often overlooked when assembling a spare parts list. Depending on the size and the purpose of the portable accommodation module or office/workshop modules, they can contain up to eight doors in a single module. As this is a highly utilized part, the door handles begin to wear over time and can also be damaged through rough/improper use.

3. Macerators
Type: Operational Spare

For portable accommodation modules with toilets, having spare macerators can quickly address a problem that could get out of hand. Macerators soften and break down pieces of waste and toilet paper before sending them along to sewage holdings tanks on the vessel. When macerators break down, it leads to clogs and backups, rendering a toilet unusable until fixed.

4. Lights
Type: Critical Spare

Lights are used throughout all portable accommodation modules and office/workshop modules. For example, personal lights in each bunk, emergency lights, and main room lights - many different types of lights are used within each of the different kinds of modules. While Armoda utilizes LED bulbs to help ensure the longest possible operating life, there is always a chance that a bulb might go out.

5. HVAC Parts
Type: Critical Spare

Portable accommodation modules and office/workshop modules are outfitted with HVAC systems to keep the occupants safe and comfortable. Having a supply of filters on hand to perform routine replacements will ensure efficient operation and help extend operating life. Other parts like capacitors and compressors should also be kept as they can wear out and will bring the system offline when they do. Most of Armoda’s modules are built with 100% HVAC redundancy to ensure that if a unit goes down, the module will still be operational while repairs are being made.

A comprehensive spare parts inventory is crucial for machinery and equipment operating in remote locations. It’s essential to know the types of spare parts and be aware of the five most overlooked parts for portable accommodation modules and office/workshop modules we’ve outlined. If you have questions about what spare parts you should have on hand for your current or next project, contact Armoda today